*Translated by Elisa on 3/13/08- 版權所有*


My name is XXX. I am 20 years old, born in Kaohsiung County . I currently work as a procurement and administrative officer at the Kaohsiung County Gunshan Refuse Incineration Plant. My job responsibilities include price negotiation, material processing, contract drafting for bids, and mail correspondence. I have learned from working with our vendors the art of communication and the skill to treat people.

本人對於此次貴公司徵求的行政人員、總務主辦 職位,具有極高的意願和應徵熱忱;敝人有基本的採購方面知識及行政因應能力,熟悉office軟體操作,另外在物料及會計系統方面也能得心應手。
Your posting for an administrator fits my experience and qualifications perfectly, and I am writing to express my interest in and enthusiasm for the position. I have basic procurement knowledge and administrative ability. I am familiar with MS Office with an expertise in both materials and accounting system.

I am friendly, easy going, focus on team work and work well with my colleagues. I am aggressive, hardworking and optimistic. I have a strong sense of accountability and responsibilities and I take all my work seriously through constant learning as well.

With this position, I will experience a new work environment and a different life experience. I believe that a person’s potential is greatly enhanced under different environments. I have prepared myself to work in this new environment. I hope to contribute to your company with my administrative skill and caliber

** This would be a word for word translation from Chinese to English, but it feels redundant this way.
並且希望藉由自己的經驗和能力,能夠對貴公司行政方面的推展有所助益,貢獻一己之心力。With my administrative skill and caliber, I hope to contribute to your company and the expansion of your administration.


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