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*Translated by Elisa on 3/07/08 - 版權所有*


很抱歉!由於L7BCVD集塵機之建造成本龐大,經我司精算成本後, 仍舊無法將報價價格調降20%,因為我們與貴公司長期合作以來從未有過20%之豐厚利潤,所以無法達到貴司期望,敬請體諒!

 I am really sorry! After precise calculation of the cost, we are still unable to reduce our pricing by 20%, due to the enormous manufacturing cost for “L7BCVD Dust Collector”.  During our long-term partnership, we have never baked in a 20% profit margin; thus we are unable to meet your expectation.  We would like to ask for your accommodation!



Certainly, we still earnestly wish to work with you on the new “L7BCVD Dust Collector” proposal. Please rest assured that we will continue our top manufacturing quality and our tight control on delivery and assembly progress. I would like to present to you the revised final pricing again, which is Twenty Million NT dollars.  Please believe that we are unable to reduce our pricing to meet your budget; not that our pricing is set on the grounds that we will absolutely get this case, but that this is a large project with a very high cost.  Please believe that our profit margin is not as good as you anticipated. We sincerely wish to work and grow with you. Thank you!


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