*Translated by Elisa on 3/21/08 - 版權所有*

Green House Effect is a phenomenon of the rise in earth’s atmosphere and ocean’s temperature over time, mainly caused by human factors. It is a result of the enormous discharge of green house gases, which leads to the change in our ecosystems.

Our team wishes to convey to the public the notion of “We are warming the globe” through 3D technology. We use microwave oven to cook the vegetable soup, which symbolizes the color of the earth, as a start of the animation, implying that the earth is being warmed.

Then we explain that the green house effect is caused by human factors through a series of video shots from homes to the polluted cities to imply the outcome of the green house effects, driven by deforestation, waste water pollution from the factories, the Antarctic glacier melting, and so on.

** You can change “deforestation” to “trees cutting”, or “forecasts cutting”.


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