*Translated by Elisa on 3/21/08 - 版權所有*

When one's mind is freed up from dullness and boredom, allowing the dawn light to sweep away the gloom, life will then become most carefree and full of joy.

Persistence in one’s mind is a kind of “emptiness”. Heaven and earth will operate only with the existence of all beings. These beings will then follow regularity and eventually vanish.

I cannot do anything but moving forward continuously, as the past I saw is just an illusion. Emptiness is reality to the fullest extent.





As the scene of recollection reoccurs, my mind is free without the restriction of reality

I will use (the color) red to paint when feeling that the leaves are red. I will use (the color) blue to paint when feeling that the branches are blue.

Permeated with a dream-like sentiment of a young lady, presented with the elegance of a youth, life is carefree and full of colors.


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