*Translated by Elisa on 3/12/08 - 版權所有*



今年寒假,我參加了由法鼓山世界青年會所舉辦的五天四夜 卓越、超越青年成長營。
This winter, I joined a five-day-and-four-night outstanding youth development camp, held by Fagushan World Youth Association.


During those days, we lived a regular life in the mountain, waking up at five in the morning and getting to bed at ten.

The monks developed several interesting curriculums, such as “Celebrity Speech, Experience Sharing”.  In addition, we were also able to build our own curricula with meditation.

During those five days, we had the opportunity to discuss the unresolved issues we inevitably encountered in the common world at “Appointments with the Monks”.

I have lived five fruitful days, which were the most important part of my winter break.


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