*Translated by Elisa on 3/13/08- 版權所有*



My name is XXX.  I grew up in a harmonious and healthy family.  Being the eldest of the family, I have a great sense of responsibility with a mature mind.  I like kids and have occasionally taken care of small children for my relatives during pastime; hence, I was given a nick name: “Little Nanny”.  To me, servicing customer is like taking care of kids.  It is crucial to be both patient and passionate.

Several independent traveling experiences, communicating with the locals in English alone, led me to realize the importance of English.  Hence, during my time off school, I tried to improve my listening and speaking ability.  I believe that in the future this will add value to the field of airline service, as well as broaden my global perspective through experiences in various cultures.   


I believe that I can take on this position with my past involvement in student organization and part-time work experience.  During my four years in college, I have learnt the importance of team work as a member of the table tennis team.  In my third year, I worked at the student enrollment center, providing answers to enrollment questions.  Each experience with the customer is a new challenge to me.  If I have the opportunity to be a flight attendant, I will accomplish all my tasks with all my passion and enthusiasm.



My interest has always been the airline industry.  I hope to have the opportunity to work for your company.  This will be the greatest opportunity for me to learn and to repay our society.  I would appreciate a chance to meet with you to discuss how my experience will best meet your needs. I look forward to meeting you.




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