*Translated by Elisa on 3/08/08 - 版權所有*


Can I still hold your hand and walk with you?

對你的愛 永遠都不會改變
My love for you will never change!

如果時間能從來 那該有多好
If only time can be reversed.

從沒有聽到你說愛我 我感到狼狽
I feel awkward never heard of love from you


I will never see you smile

如果時間可以倒轉 我會再跟你好好的愛一次!
If time can be reverted, I will fall in love with you again.

無怨無悔的跟著你 不求回報的愛著你 都只希望你能跟我一樣愛著你 對你的愛 永遠勝過任何人
Following you with no regret, loving you with
no return, I wish only for your love to be the same as mine, as no one will ever love you more than I do.


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