*Translated by Elisa on 3/11/08 - 版權所有*


I majored in Economics.

On the subject of “International Trade Theories and Practices”, our team has completed the research on the impact to Taiwanese Trade from the European Union
Trade Treaty, and the discussion of the economic effects that derive from Custom Union.

As a member of several student organizations, I have been in charge of general affairs, recreations, class travels and
graduation travels. From there, I have learned how to communicate and interact when facing disagreements.

Besides quiet activities, I have also joined the school’s baseball team. As a pitcher, I have learned
how to calmly face the problems all by myself.

After graduation, I served at the Military.  I was fortunate to be promoted as a Corporal, allowing me to learn
how to obey to orders, work as a team, live in a group, and deal with crises.

If I am fortunate to work for you company, I will contribute
all my ability to you.  I will continue to improve my foreign language skill during pastime. I will continue to exercise to bring passion and life to everyday’s work. I hope to receive your feedback, and to have the opportunity to work for your company.  Jointly, we can improve the quality of the customer service to the next level.

As a fresh graduate, I am eager to learn. I hope to gain new experience and new knowledge in this new environment


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