I will be posting some of the translations I provided around bibliography.  This type of bibliography is suitable for college application but not suitable for job application.  To write an effective resume/bibliography, you need to state your goal, your skill and your achievements, and be specific.  It needs to be goal oriented and job related, illustrating why you stand out from the others as a candidate for that particular job and why your future boss should hire you and not the others.


Our department’s courses have in depth course contents in the field of manpower, group activity planning, law, economics and politics. Hence, we have certain knowledge in regards to human resources, legal affairs and financial management.

During my high school years, I was a counselor in a youth camp, where I worked with different types of people and engaged in the planning of counseling activities. I have gained a great ability to execute, respond to changes and make decisions through this type of experience. In addition, I have developed a keen sense towards personnel changes and have learned the importance of team work.

In addition to club administration and member activities planning, I have led our club to participate in national music contests, and have hosted several large-scale concerts off-campus with great results. Gaining a substantive experience in administration and activity planning during this period, I have understood that communication is the key to maintaining the society, and that the effect of manpower will reach its fullest extent only via accurate communication.

I have certain interest and practical experiences in the field of human resources and administrative management. In the future, I hope to apply my skill to the workplace and become an expert in this field.


Another way to say it is :I have gained my ability greatly in execution, change management and decision-making through this type of experience.
** I use "off-campus" to describe
對外 because you were hosting the concerts outside of school to the public.
** I use “during this period” to refer to
任職期間. You do not need to spell out that this is during the time when you had the position. It seems redundant as we can tell from this and the previous paragraphs.** If you want, you can say: “during this period of time when I was a counselor"
** Substantive means: considerable, substantial.


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