A Collection of Elisa English’s Poetry and Translation   (Elisa English 詩集與翻譯 )

Are you Happy?

My Gratitude

My Two Little Silly Geese

Snow is Falling

Gone with the Wind

Memories live on

Something out of Nothing

Can you say it for sure - Another Alphabet Poem

A Mother's Love

An Alphabet Poem (I)


Let the Secret be Told

To Tell or Not to Tell

 Sound or a Coyote's Howl

Life is Tough

Formosa, My Love

A Little Girl Inside Me

Is Winter Going Away

My Scattered Mind

A Leprechaun House

A Beauty out of this World

Winter Boy

This is not how she is built up for

No Way In

As Cunning As a Fox

A Phantom in the Past

The Subject of Love

Please Stop Peeping into my World

Life is Full of Joy

Skeleton Crossing

Little Pussy Cat

How can I Describe Mine Love to Thee

Much Ado about Nothing

Love Dialogue & Poetry

My Sorrow for the Taiwanese People – Typhoon Morakot

Laurie, My Love

The Meaning of Love (2)

The Meaning of Love (1)

Our Scandalous Love (2)

Our Scandalous Love (1)

M和H開頭的情話, MINGHAN字母當每句句首的短詩

Cicadas of Autumn (Translation: 李子恆 -  秋蟬)

Joy at Meeting (Translation: 李煜 - 相見歡)

An Opening (Translation: 幾米 - 我的心中每天開出一朵花)

A Bottle Filled with Love Magic (Translation: 愛情魔法)

An Unrelenting Love (Translation:  無怨無悔的愛)

Reminiscence (Translation: 想念)

Incorrupt Officials – the most heinous of all (Translation: 老殘遊記 - 明湖居聽書)

In the Pursuit of Dao (Translation: 《老子》第四十八章 - 為學日益, 為道日損)

Bamboo Twig Song (Translation: 禹錫 - 竹枝詞)

Yu, the Lady of Beauty (Translation: 李煜 - 虞美人)

To Farewell  (Translation: 杜牧 - 贈別)

A Moonlit Night by the Vernal River (Translation: 張若虛 - 春江花月夜

Langtaosha (Translation: 李煜 - 浪淘沙)

Chant of Languor (Translation: 李清照 - 聲聲慢)


Tune: Like a Dream (Translation: 李清照 - 如夢令)

Tune: Like a Dream (Translation: 向滈 - 如夢令)

Nostalgic Thoughts on a Moonlit Night (Translation: 白居易《因望月有感,聊書所懷》)

Seeing off Hsin Chien at Rosemallow Tavern (Translation:  王昌齡〈芙蓉樓送辛漸〉)

The Sui Palace (Translation: 李商隱〈隋宫〉)

Poetry by Chance (Translation: 張耒 <偶題> )


Rebuff (Translation : 豫章婦〈絕客詩〉)



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