My daughter was counting the houses as we drove by last weekend.  She told me that there was a green house.  She meant the house in green.  I asked them if they knew the other meaning of a green house.  My son said “leprechaun house”.  Wow!  That wasn’t an answer I was expecting.  How interesting!  Kids are full of imagination.  Anyway, I told them it is a house where we can grow greens and plants throughout the year even in cold weather.  I have been writing some poems inspired by my kids.  I thought that maybe I can compile them into a memoir, something that they can look back at the old days as they grow up.      


A leprechaun house -  A poem inspired by my kids


My daughter was counting the houses

as the houses went by.

She said there was a green house.

A house in green was what she implied.

I asked if they knew another meaning of the house.

“A leprechaun house”, my son replied.

Oh, that wasn’t an answer I was expecting.

An answer so fascinating.

Kids are full of imagination.

They are my source of inspiration. 


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