About my blog


I recently had a lunch with my colleague and mentioned to her my blog, the involvement I have at Yahoo Knowledge and the suggestion that my husband brought up.  My husband thought that even though I am providing free service, I could still take advantage of my blog earning some extra income.  The kind that some people do by allowing some companies to post their ads on their blogs.  I don’t know the mechanism of that.  I will look into it when I have time.  Anyway, when I mentioned this to my colleague, she asked for my blog address and volunteered to proof-read my articles if she happens to visit my site.  I am really glad to have another set of eyes to increase the accuracy of the information I provide.  My goal has always been trying to provide better and more accurate English usage through my blog and all my knowledge groups. 


Some day, I may compile all my articles and publish them into a book or books.  If that realizes, I have many people to thank for along the way who corrected my errors and provided me ideas.


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