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部落格文章轉貼 小心違著作權法



經濟部智慧財產局著作權組組長張玉英 , 網路部落格的著作權與一般著作相同,利用人未註明出處,或是未徵得作者同意,重製或公開傳輸轉寄,都違反著作權


部落格文章轉貼 違著作權法:  

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This is an interesting article about how prevalent the violation of copyrights in the cyberspace has become.

那些老師沒有教我的事:轉寄信新聞學的奧義 by 酪梨壽司



Anyway, the reason that I write this article is to increase your awareness of the copyrights.  Regarding the articles I wrote, you are always welcome to quote them as long as you notify me, state my name as the author and refer back to my site where you get them.  Since I may compile all the articles I wrote in a book, this will prevent any future copyright litigation issue.


See http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/property/respect/


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