a heavy touch (heavy: adj.  touch: n.)

 (1) 濃厚的(強烈的)…手法(做事方式) 

There is a heavy touch of American movie making in this film.


 (2) a heavy/strong meddling, 強烈的干預, 強烈的手法 

政治性,政策性,策略性上強烈的干預 (引申自 =>強烈的…手法/手段).


A new heavy touch?
Mr Boland said the era of light-touch regulation by government of higher education was drawing to a close.


(3) (鍵盤樂器中擊鍵的) 方式, 技巧. 重擊琴鍵的手法.  

see http://www.myspace.com/millerhyder
This talks about Miller's style of playing the piano.

Miller's heavy touch builds power chording to flashing arpeggios. Soon he's laying siege to the 88 keys in quadrants, working his way up the scale emphasizing both single notes and their sympathetic vibrations.



(4) 鋼琴 heavy touch 指的是,琴鍵彈下去要使用較高的力道;簡單來說,新的鋼琴比舊的 heavy touch,因為琴後面的關節都是新的,所以要出比較大的力量彈,也因此鍵盤按下去之後,會馬上彈回來。(謝謝艾桑提供的解釋)

 see http://www.pianoworld.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1263894/Re:%20Heavy%20touch%20weight.html
We were asked to help figure out why this brand new 7 foot piano had such heavy touch. One key had NO lead at all and it went out of the factory like that.
That was one heavy key.


By the way, someone has interpreted "heavy touch" as 1.笨手笨 clumsy 2.粗心大意 careless 3.粗魯 reckless, which I thought was incorrect.  Just to validate the definition of the usage of "heavy touch", I discussed with my colleagues yesterday and they agreed with me. 


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