If I have time and if I understand the entire meaning of the song, I will try to translate the entire verse.  This is it for now.

By the way, I try to do it in a way that it sounds more like a song or a poem to keep the beauty of the original song.  Because of the style I chose, it limits me to fully translate the entire meaning of the song.  These are my translations for your reference.  Hope that you will like it.


Translation #1:

Said who the feeling of autumn is sorrow

My heart, insouciant, under the mystique green.

Translation #2:

Said who the feeling of autumn is sorrow

Maybe insouciance misted in green


 誰道秋下一心愁 煙波林野意幽幽

The above translations can still be used since I don't think that there is really that much difference between 綠野 & 林野 in Taiwan.  As when you look at the woods or the forests, what you usually see is all green in Taiwan.  I don't believe that there is no fall foliage with varying colors of leaves in Taiwan, but I could be wrong  :)


By the way, someone has pointed out that 將"誰道"直接翻成"是誰說"會把原句轉成問句,這似乎不太對, 若翻成"聽說"或"有人說"較不扭曲原句. In addition, he also suggested that 翻譯歌詞本當押韻, which I have been contemplating.

These are my translations based on that person's input.

(1) Articulated some the feeling of autumn is lament.
Maybe, insouciance misted in woods is what it meant.

(2) Articulated some the feeling of autumn is grievance.
Maybe, in woods misted a heart of nonchalance.

Just for the kick. Another one.

(3) Melancholy, the autumn feeling, as hearsays.
Maybe, misted in woods, insouciance conveys.

Anyway, it is fun. Translation is an art hard to master. In particular, mastering the languages you are transfering from and to isn't that easy, considering the differences in culture, usage, grammar, and etc. :)  

Updated 9/24/09:
誰道秋下一心愁 煙波林野意幽幽

Jude's interpretation: 有人說,秋天下的心情,只有一個愁字可以言喻,而我徘徊於霧氣輕起的水邊,樹木叢生的山野間,感受到那深遠的意涵
This is the revised translation based on Jude's interpretation.

(1) Some claim, the feeling of autumn is blueness.
I wander, in misty forest, feeling its profoundness.
(2) Sorrow, the feeling of autumn, as some people mention.
I, bathe in misty woods, deeply immersed in connotation.

(3) Some claim, autumn feeling is best described as lament.
I ramble, in misty woods, feeling deep in what it meant.

See translation for the entire song:

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