I like Kevin’s translation of the lyric: 夢醒時分 <作詞:李宗盛 作曲:李宗盛>, so I asked his permission to repost his translation here to share with my readers.  Thanks for his graciousness to allow me to post his translation on my blog.


This is the link to his translation originally posted on yahoo knowledge.   http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qid=1010020407851


When Your dreams Pass Away


你愛了不該愛的人, 你的心中滿是傷痕.
It's a wrong love you said that you've had, leaving your heart black and blue.
你犯了不該犯的錯, 心中滿是悔恨.
It's an undue mistake you said that you've made, stuffing your heart with rue.
嚐盡了生活的苦, 找不到可以相信的人.
All the sufferings you said you've been through, finding no one to resort to.
你感到萬分沮喪, 甚至開始懷疑人生. 
All the frustrations you said you've been put into, triggering the doubt about life, too.
早知道傷心總是難免的, 你又何苦一往情深.
Had you been aware you always end up heartbroken,
Why bother to have had your heart so stolen?
因為愛情總是難捨難分, 何必在意那一點點溫存. 
'Cause love is all about two souls melting into each other,
Why care about the fleeting moment of being tender?
要知道傷心總是難免的, 每一個夢醒時分. 
Heartbreak is ever there, they say,
When your dreams pass away.
有些事情你現在不必問, 有些人你永遠不必等.
There are some things you have to leave to fate;
There are some people who never come to your wait.



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