Nobody interprets a poem exactly the same even in its original language, let alone translating it into another language.  There will always be a certain degree of meaning lost in translation due to the difference in culture, linguistic and metaphysics. 


What I attempted to do is to capture the essence of the original verse as much as possible, while trying to maintain a correct, coherent and understandable version of target language. 


*Translated by Elisa English on 4/27/11- 版權所有*

Translated by Elisa English on 4/27/2011 in Minneapolis, 版權所有, 不可轉貼轉載



<Seeing Off Hsin Chien at Rosemallow Tavern>  




Over the river in Wu, it rained amidst the chilly night.

At dawn you depart, I am like Mountain Chu, all alone despite.

In Luoyang, of me should my friends and families ask,

As impeccable as ice is my heart in a jade flask.

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