***  6/13/2010:

All my blog entries in the past have been transferred here at



I have just established my third blog.  It is called "Elisa的翻譯工作坊".  You probably get the idea.  I will start posting some of my older translations there and write about the art of translation and how to be a good translator.  If you are interested, this is the link.


I will continue to post articles and provide answers around grammar, word usage, writing, and English Literature in Elisa’s blog (英語學習世界) (  You will also, from time to time, read articles from me expressing my opinion and viewpoints here.    


By the way, don't ask me about my first blog.  It is a closed blog accessed by family members only.  It was created in February 2008.  I have only blogged there for about a month because I like talking with my family over the phone rather than sharing information on the blog.  It is just a place that houses all my family photo links.



** Afterthought:

I don't think that I ever thanked you for visiting my blog.  It is a motivation that keeps me writing especially from the learning that you have cleared your confusion.  There are a few of you that I can really tell from the questions you asked that you truly want to learn and improve your English skill.  And it is those of you who light up my days besides my family.     


I am not a patient person nor can I tolerate someone who does not put any effort into learning.  The more I answer questions in Yahoo Knowledge, the more agitated I feel.  I may be hush or perceived to be coming down too strong on some of you.  That may come from the line of business that I am in, project management, but the main reason is that I am furious with the failure of English education/educators in Taiwan and the attitude that students take towards learning.  The prevailing situation of students asking others to do their homework in Yahoo knowledge is just too overwhelming to me.  Do you intend to keep asking others to wipe off your poops for you for your entire life? 


I cannot believe that people would take that attitude into their work life, begging sympathy from others, stating that they will get fired if they don’t produce the translation.  It is too bad.  If you are not in the right career nor the right fit for the position, you should search for a new one.  Even if you get help from others this year, it does not mean that you will be lucky the next time.  It is like trying to cover up a lie and you have to find more lies to cover it up.  Eventually, everyone will know and it will be pretty ugly then.  You are no longer a baby!  Try overcoming obstacles and difficulties by yourself first.  If you cannot resolve it, try seeking suggestions then. 


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