Capital Punishment


I believe in capital punishment but only under the following circumstances where heinous crimes are committed such as murders, an attempt to murder, and in cases of rape, assault, torture, mutilation and child molestation that affect the victim’s emotional, physical, or mental health and cripple someone for life.  I believe that death penalty is justifiable only in the worst crimes where it serves as a prevention of the very criminals from walking away to violently harm anyone else again and as a deterrence of any copy cat.


Punishment should fit the crime.  I do not agree that we should execute capital punishment lightly as in the cases that happen in the autocratic Communist China with the absence of a fair and transparent juridical system.  Death penalty is one of the most terrifying tools of enslavement in the hands of the autocratic government.  I am appalled to learn about the death penalty of Ying Wu.  The mistake that she made was merely borrowing from loan sharks operated by the well-heeled including some government officials to finance her business.  Loan sharks flourish and are indirectly promoted by the Chinese government who provides little to no financial assistance to the small to medium businesses.  Does Ying Wu deserve capital punishment?  Did she commit a heinous crime?  Did her activities cause any violent harm to anyone?  Maybe some harm but non-violently to the rich investors who asked for outrageous interest payment when she lost about half of the money borrowed from them.  Why was she sentenced to death?  Was it a conspiracy as dead man can’t talk?  We are seeing a corrupted government manipulating the juridical system.  Within a power-hungry autocratic system, whoever is in power defines the law.


News about death penalty for Wu Ying:    



Written by Elisa English

On April 16, 2012


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