Why text messaging?


Why do people send text messages instead of making a phone call?  It is hard for me to understand.  Is it because of low self-esteem?  Is it because you fear the intimacy of the talk?  Is it because it is easier to send indiscreet messages?  Are you afraid of revealing your true feeling?  Is it not worthy of your time to talk?  Do you simply lack the ability to make oral communication?  Or is it because you just simply lose the ability to talk?   


I once had an experience receiving text messages from a total stranger.  The first time I got his call, I told him that he had the wrong number but he kept calling.  I decided to tell him again that he had the wrong number.  He didn’t care.  He continued to call but then hung up right before I got a chance to answer him.  One day right after I missed his call, I called him back immediately.  He didn’t pick up the phone and the call rolled to his voicemail.  I had my husband call him again.  He got the same response.


Later, I started getting text messages from him.  It was really weird.  He sounded like a blue collar.  Though I did not receive any obscene message, it was somewhat annoying.  On top of that, I had to pay for the text messages that he made.  Isn’t that ridiculous to be charged for receiving text messages from a complete stranger?  I called up the phone company to change my number.  Since it qualified as a case of harassment, the phone company changed my number for free.  I asked to turn off the text messaging functionality since I have no use of it.  Why leave it there to be charged for receiving text messages from complete strangers?  I don’t know why you can have the option of not picking up the phone from a complete stranger but you don’t have the option to filter out the text messages from strangers. 


Disclaimer:  This is just how I feel about text messaging.  Maybe I am just too old fashion to appreciate the value of text messaging.


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