Formosa, My Love

A poem written by Elisa English on 3/28/2010


Deep in my mind

An island and I

Forever entwined


Without a day passed by

I am not reminded of

You, my deepest love


An island of paradise

This place of my birth

No words will suffice


I wish for heaven and earth

To keep your innocence

My Magnificence


Please remain peace and free

And let my dream take me

To the deep blue seas
and the Palmolive trees

I feel the tropical breeze

and the warm embrace

Each beautiful sunrise

Brings new surprise


I have the utmost respect

For your struggle to protect

your sovereignty

under this uncertainty


I feel the tranquility in the air

And the freedom of breeze in my hair

Heaven is where we will be
please stay with me

The ocean seems so peaceful

And the island so beautiful

This image of you

kept deep in my mind

in the deep ocean blue
In a place hard to find

I think of you tonight

The passion that you ignite

Unstoppable is my love for you

To yourself please stay true

** 版權所有 - Elisa English


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