Conditional Comparison:

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Zero Conditional, Indicative Conditional, Present Real Conditional, 說法條件句 

=> General truths, or scientific facts -- things that always happen under certain conditions. 沒有時間性的條件句

=> Example:

1.  If the temperature goes up above 32 degree Fahrenheit, the ice melts.

2.  If I run after meal, my stomach hurts.

3.  If the school was off, I usually took my son to the museums. 


First conditional, Indicative Conditional, Present or Future Real/Possible Conditional, 說法條件句

=> Situations based on fact in the present or future (things which may happen). 現在或未來可能成為事實的條件句

=> Example:

If I see Tom, I will tell him that you are looking for him.


Second conditional, Subjunctive Conditional, 假設法條件句

=> Unreal situations in the present or future, 很可能與現在或未來的事實相反的條件

=> Example:

If I had more money, I would buy a vacation home.



Third conditional, Subjunctive conditional, 假設法條件句

=> Unreal situations in the past, 與過去事實相反的條件句

=> Example:

If I had seen Tom, I would have told him to wait for you.



Mixed Conditional, 混合條件句

=> Situations where the time in the if-clause is different than that in the main clause.  There are about six different combination of mixed conditional.

=> Example:

If I had applied for the graduate program in Harvard before the deadline in February, I would be attending the graduate school this fall.


(If-clause: Unreal situation in the past.  Main clause: Unreal situation in the future.)


Details will be provided in each of the following sections.


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