Recently, someone asked what does “heckuva job” mean?

This is the original text.


FEMA is under new management. Instead of the hapless, heckuva-job Michael Brown, it is now led by R. David Paulison, a former chief of the Miami-Dade Fire Department, which has long experience with hurricanes.

To understand this phrase, you need to know who said that initially.  Normally, this phrase has a positive meaning (meaning 處事, 周全), but after Bush used it, it becomes a sarcastic phrase (meaning 處事不佳, 不周全).

It was sarcasm for stating things done very poorly.  It is sarcasm towards Bush because of his statement about Michael D Brown, praising him of doing a good job.  Bush has made a fool of himself quite often and the American media likes to joke about that.


At the Mobile ( Alabama ) Regional Airport on September 2, 2005, President Bush publicly praised Brown's handling of the disaster, saying "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job in handling Hurricane Katrina".  However, in reality, governments were slow in responding to the disasters, underestimating the impact from Hurricane Katrina.  "Heck of a job" soon became sarcastic slang for things done very poorly.


heckuva job: 處事不佳, 不周全, 極度地差勁 (諷刺 President Bush 的言論)

它是諷刺布什稱讚 Michael D Brown 處事極佳。 布什經常出洋相,美國媒介喜歡開他玩笑。

2005年九月2日,布什總統公開地稱讚Michael D Brown 在處理颶風卡特里娜災害做了一個極佳工作; 然而,實際上,政府對災害作出的反應極慢,低估了颶風卡特里娜的衝擊影響。

很快的 heckuva job 就成為了諷刺人處事不佳, 不周全, 極度地差勁, 主要是諷刺 President Bush 說錯的話.


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