Someone has asked me about the meaning of “love on a stick” and I thought that it would be interesting to share my finding with you.  If you have other opinions, please provide your comments.  Thanks! 


On A Stick

Used to exaggerate the previous action or state of being. 



For example:

That Kitty is love on a stick.

=  That kitty is extremely loveable (just like a lollipop that tastes so sweet)


Hard candy is love on a stick to Norwegians

=  Hard candy is extremely tasty just like love to Norwegians.


Love on a stick = love to the greatest extent.



Halfway through David Bowie’s third song at a Norwegian music festival, an object came flying out of the crowd and hit him in the eye.  It was a lollipop, probably sent as a message of adoration since Norwegians call the hard candy "love on a stick."


My Goodness!  That snow storm was like hell on a stick. 

=  On my God!  That snow storm was enormous!

Hell on a stick = hell to the greatest extent



Your performance is greatness on a stick.

= Your performance is so great.  It is out of the world.

Greatness on a stick = greatness to the greatest extent


Wow!  That was coolness on a stick!

= Wow!  That was extremely cool!

Coolness on a stick = coolness to the greatest extent



On The Stick

Slang alert, efficient, etc


Get on the stick

to force yourself to hurry or to start working*4+0&dict=I


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