2008 America ’s presidential election is finally over.  The result was kind of what we had expected.  The American people are tired of Bush, a Republican president, as a president for 8 years and are looking for changes. 


My son's school has "kids vote".  Of course, the votes do not count because they are not of voting age yet.  I kind of know the reason why my son voted "Obama" not because of us.  We don't discuss that with kids.  We voted for McCain for the long standing support that Republicans have shown towards Taiwan , for foreign policy and economic reasons.


Anyway, back to my son.  He voted for Obama because he thought that McCain is too old and will die any time.  I told him that we should not have discrimination against older people and should not judge people by appearance.  It is probably hard for him to understand at his age.


As for Obama, he is facing a tough road ahead of him with the recession currently occurring in the US .  This recession is likely going to stay for the entire year of 2009 and who knows how long it will take to recover.  I am seeing a lot of layoffs in the financial industry and it is now spreading to other industries.


In addition, Obama will need a huge help with foreign policy especially dealing with Iran , the middle-east countries, N. Korea , and etc.  I do hope that he gets a good aid to help him deal with foreign countries, and hope that he will not yield to China too much and put Taiwan at risk, which was what the Democratic Party usually did in the past.


I have a huge concern of Obama’s lack of experience.  Anyway, we will see how things go and if he can carry out what he said in his campaign, which is probably too high a target for any candidate, as they usually promised more than they could deliver. 


I like McCain and I actually feel good that he did not get elected.  As it is not a good time to become the America ’s President.  For Obama, people should probably take that into consideration before they judge his performance.  It is tough to be the American President now.


For the last note, I do think that with Obama being the American president, it is good that Ma was elected as Taiwan ’s President since Obama is pro-Chinese communist government.  If Hsieh was elected, he would have a tough time dealing with the American government.    


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