It always makes you feel good when you find someone who sees eye to eye with you.  When I found Paul Brians' website, I was ecstatic.  He said exactly how I felt.  He took the words right out of my mouth. 


I would like to quote what Paul Brians, English Literature professor of Washington State University said about English usage ( ). " You should use nonstandard English only when you intend to, rather than fall into it because you don’t know any better.  The fact is that the world is full of teachers, employers, and other authorities who may penalize you for your nonstandard use of the English language.  Feel free to denounce these people if you wish; but if you need their good opinion to get ahead, you'd be wise to learn standard English”.  



This is another article I found.  It is rather interesting.  The  story from Reader Digest stated the importance of correct usage.


I cannot stress too much the importance of correct usage.  As a project manager of a big corporation in the US, I have to present in front of the executive teams constantly, providing status, requesting funding and addressing issues and risks.  It is extremely important that I use the most accurate usage.  People do judge your ability by what you say and write.  Don't take it lightly.           


By the way, like Paul Brians, sharing my knowledge with you around English is my hobby and not my job.  I do not constantly sit in front of the computer blogging or responding to your questions.  I have young children and I work full time.  If you don't hear from me right away, it might be because I am busy or tired.  





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