Reading feihong’s response prompted me to write this article.    


It is a pity that people would close their mind based on how they see where they belong.  What I meant is:  If you are a so-called Chinese descendant (offspring from people who retreated to Taiwan with Chiang Kai-Sheik), you see only the value of Chinese and no more.  Anything related to Hakka or Taiwanese are not considered valuable to be even entertained.  If you are a so-called Taiwanese descendant (offspring from people that have lived in Taiwan long before those who retreated with Chiang Kai-Sheik), you may discredit anything related to China .


I hate to talk politics because it is pathetic in Taiwan .  Every time the ruling party changes, there is a complete change in policy; maybe, because fundamentally they are different.  However, I just feel sorry for the people who have to go through all these changes.  Can’t they go beyond that?  What is it in a name?  A name is nothing but a symbol, so people know how to refer to you.   There is no significance in it.  You can call it Taiwan , Republic of China, whatever (or some may even want to call it People’s Republic of China or Republic of Taiwan ).  It really does not matter.  It is like someone who was named Jackson , but with a nickname Jack.  People only know him by the name Jack and he is Jack truly.  If you ask me how Jackson was yesterday, I may not know who you refer to.  So, if foreigners only know Taiwan by the nickname of Taiwan , why bothers.  Politics is just too dark and complicated to me.  So, do we consider Singapore as a part of China , since the majority of the Singaporeans are offspring from China , as is the case with Taiwan ?  You may argue that I am comparing apples with oranges.  Am I really, since Taiwan was never ruled by the Chinese Communist?    


I don’t like KMT because all they think of is returning back to China at all costs (I really don’t have a say here, since I don’t live in Taiwan .  It is up to the majority of the Taiwanese to decide), but I cannot endorse some of the doings from DDP either.


Too much talk about politics makes me dizzy and harms my health.  In addition, I don’t follow Taiwanese politics that closely and I might have some bias.  I will stop here and write a separate article about the American election, which was what I intended to do initially before I read the response from feihong.


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