(1) 兩段MH開頭的,有關聯的英文情話, 最好寫成短詩.

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(1) 兩段英文的情話且有關聯,MH開頭. 

(A) is a male and (B) is a female.



(A) How beautiful you emerged upon my sight,


With glory and splendor, like a shining light.


(B) My!  What beautiful words you said,


I am bewitched by you instead.


(A) How my love for thee has gone insane,


With no words to be found,


Like frantic torment and flutter of pain,


(B) Hidden beneath the flower is my love,


Thorny it may seem,


It is my true love for thee thereof.


(A) My Beloved!  Only when you are around,


A tempest unceasing,


Will it disappear,


(B)  Mine heart as pure as the shining beam,


High up in the sky, you will find,


No longer unknown


(A) How tantalizing, heart-seducing,


Fell thy words upon mine ear,


Yes this is love, and I know it all.


I shall dream about you as dreams befall.


(B)  Hearing your mind,


No longer alone,


With you, I find my deepest desire


Like burning fire.



(2) MINGHAN7個字母當每句句首字拼成一首詩

Minghan, my love
I cannot bear the thought of ever away from you. Yes,
Never have I felt so deeply in love
God is my witness
Heaven is where I feel when I am with you
An eternity of love,
Night after night, and day after day.



Thee = you

My! = Oh! My!

Mine = my

Thy = your


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