I used to dislike attorneys because of the stereotype I had of them.  I thought that all attorneys would defend their clients at all costs regardless of their crime.


In the course of my life, I have encountered several attorneys and work with attorneys every day due to the nature of my work, outside the field of criminal law.  I actually have made quite a few attorney friends.  They are like any normal human beings.  One of my best friends is actually my colleague, who specializes in business law for insurance and annuity products.  Occasionally, he would provide me advice for investment properties and copyrights because I want to get in the field of investing in properties and of publishing my writings and translations.


It is always nice to know someone who knows the law, so I don't accidentally violate the law and in case I need to sue anyone.  Not that I want to sue anyone, but it is good to be prepared.


Now maybe, I need to know some attorneys in Taiwan since the laws are interpreted differently.  (See my article: Yahoo Knowledge's violation of law)


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