I always vote for the presidential candidate appointed by the Republican Party, no matter who the candidate is, as the party’s policies appeal to me.  I voted for Bush twice even though he is a laughing stalk in America for all the wrong words coming out from his mouth.  I like Republican’s policies mainly because I am a white collar and because I was born as a Taiwanese. 


I cannot stand the Democratic Party, lowering their status as the strongest country in the world, appealing to the Communist Chinese, just for short term interest, forgoing all human rights.  How can you sanction Iraq for being inhuman but not the Communist Chinese?  America has all the bargaining power, so it is beyond me when Clinton accepted all terms from the Communist Chinese, acting like a rat in front of a cat.


The Republican Party has for century been a good ally to Taiwan ; even though the Communist Chinese is getting stronger with the help of all nations, especially the United Nations.  Talking about the United Nations, they are just a bunch of hypocrites to me, allowing the Communist Chinese to do whatever they want. 


Anyway, you know who I will vote for this time for the American President and for the senators.  As for candidates for state representatives or local/state government, I may vote for anyone from the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Independence Party or whichever party he/she represents, depending on what he/she brings to the table.


That’s too much talk from me about politics in a day.


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