Thank God!  She is not a Taiwanese.


中國時報大老闆蔡衍明, 聯合報系發行人王效蘭- 台灣媒體大亨接二連三說出認同中共獨裁政權的爭議言論


I was shock to read yet another owner of the Taiwanese Newspaper selling out their conscience for crony capitalism or crony socialism or crony communism, whatever you call it, while enjoying the freedom of speech, yet condemning freedom, just to kiss the butt of the Chinese Communist Party, so as to receive favoritism from the Chinese Communist government. 


The interview that Wang (王效蘭) from United Daily gave to Financial Times, like that of Tsai from China Times, showed her praise to China for its dictatorship on the basis that democracy and freedom bring chaos while dictatorship stability.  Her agreement with Jackie Chen (成龍) exemplifies her justification of human rights abuses as manifestations of benign ignorance.   Are we telling people that for the sake of security, basic human rights could be ignored so the laws can be abided, be it good or bad, under the dictatorship, even in the case of allowing torture, summary executions, assassinations, long incarcerations of prisoners, and etc.?


Their consent with Chinese Communist dictatorship is an act condoning anti-democratic values and condemning human rights principles.  What kind of logic is it?  Just because Taiwan enjoys democracy, Taiwan is chaotic.  Just because you want a controlled and disciplined society, people cannot be allowed with much freedom, but then the dictators are allowed to abuse their power to do whatever they want.


I am concern about Taiwan’s mass media now becoming an advocate of Chinese communism.


Her comment on her unwillingness to forgive Japanese was pure hypocrisy as was that of many who could not forgive the Japanese people.  So to you, it is okay for the Chinese communists to commit genocide.  Between 1958 and 1962, Mao Zedong threw his country into frenzy with the Great Leap Forward, the result of which was the genocide of 45 Million people within a four-year period.  So, are you telling me that you can forgive your own kind killing your own people even to a larger degree but if it was conducted by people from other nations, it is a different story?  That’s why you allow the Chinese Communists to continue carrying out a cultural genocide against the Tibetans.  That’s why you don’t think that Tiananmen Square Massacre was ever truly a massacre.  That’s why you are ignoring the killings of the Falungong followers.  What the Chinese Communist government does towards its own people is no less cruel than what the Japanese government did towards the Chinese people during the WWII.  While you immerse yourself in your hatred towards the Japanese, why don’t you think about what your government did towards your own people?  While Wang (王效蘭) states that she is a Chinese but not a Taiwanese, I am proudly announcing that I am a Taiwanese and an American.  Please never mistake me as a Chinese.  I will be greatly offended by the mistake.            





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