I know.  I have commented earlier that I will stop complaining.  However, I am just a cynical old lady who likes doing nothing but whining.  I am sorry to bore you with this.  Since blogging is a way for me to vent my frustration, you are then dragged along the roller coaster ride of my emotions.  I have tried several times to distance myself from answering questions from Yahoo Knowledge, the culprit of my mood swing.  I think that I probably didn’t try hard enough to cut down my frustration and complaints.


Anyway, so what’s all the fuss?  It is actually nothing new.  I am still waiting for a response from Yahoo Management regarding the suspicious usual suspects that might have conducted sock-puppetry and manipulated the votes.  Strangely, Yahoo Management seems to be on strike.  I haven’t heard a word from them for weeks.  Maybe I should just ignore those usual suspects.


Actually the main thing that frustrates me is the attitude that some people carry when answering the questions.  An irresponsible attitude I would say when one fails to admit one’s errors and continues to provide inaccurate information to cheat oneself and others.  I still struggle with the concept of how some can jeopardize others’ right, just to keep their egos intact. 


You have probably read a few critiques from me.  I have always stated that I don’t know everything and I have been corrected on a few occasions.  I am glad that there aren’t many.  One instance is my interpretation of one-tenths of a second.  When used in the situation of airbag, it literally means one-tenths of a second, not in a split second.  As the emphasis is on the number of seconds it takes for an airbag to expand and it needs to meet that criterion to save lives.  In this case, one-tenths of a second cannot be translated as in a split second.  If used in other situation, we can say that it means in a split second.  After someone pointed out my error and after my research, I wrote a critique to correct the wrong translation I provided.  It really wasn’t that hard to admit that you aren’t right all the time.   


Why is it so important not to lose face?  Why is it so important to try whatever methods possible to cover up your mistakes and skew the discussion?  Why is it so important to always think that you are right and continue to provide inaccurate information to cheat yourself and the others?  Why it is so hard to set aside one's ego?  As you have constantly said that the most important thing is to provide quality answers to others, are you truly practicing what you preach?  I guess not.  I just don’t get it. 


One swallow does not make a summer, so I probably shouldn’t judge Taiwan ’s education system and think that every educator in Taiwan is like that.  However, I do have very little faith in the English language teaching provided by most Taiwanese educators.  Anyway, please don’t get offended by that as you have probably heard of these sayings:  The lip of Truth shall be established for ever; but a lying tongue is but for a moment” and “He that speaks truth shames the devil.”  Don’t worry, as truth will eventually prevail if what you so regard as truth is really truth.

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