Something about aging

When you start to notice you are aging is when things start to look blurry to you, either visually or mentally.  Your memory starts to play tricks on you and magnifying glass becomes a reading tool.  You start to wonder if you have just eaten seasonings or a tiny bug.    They all look so much alike.


The benefit of being short-sighted may be the ability to see or read things up close without wearing glasses.  Contradicting to the aging phenomenon of a blurry situation, you can actually see things really clear, up and close without glasses.  The only challenge is to get use to it.  Lately, I started to run into blurry moments.  I thought that maybe there was a problem with my eyesight that my short-sightedness has worsen.  In reality, I am developing presbyopia.  I am so used to moving the objects closer when I have trouble seeing or reading them, which in turn complicates the matter.  I am still not used to taking off my glasses to read fine prints.  I was actually looking for a magnifying glass one day.  I cannot remember the feeling of a 20/20 vision, but the clarity of reading the fine prints by taking off the glasses makes me feel like having a 20/20 vision.  You cannot imagine how easily I can get the thread through the needle hole.    


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