Commonly confused words

Complement vs. Compliment vs. Supplement

1.  Complement (v.): to complete, to bring to perfection, or to make up a whole, 補充, 補足, 互補

ð      The pink scarf is complements her princess dress.

Complement (n.): something that completes, brings to perfection, or makes up a whole, 補充物, 補足物, 互補物

ð  The pink scarf is a complement to her princess dress.


2.  Supplement (v.): to add to, to supply (a deficiency), or to extend or strengthen the whole, 補遺, 增補, 彌補(缺失)

ð      She uses a lot of make up to supplement her look. 

Supplement (n.): something that adds to, supplies a deficiency, or strengthens the whole, 補遺, 增補, 彌補缺失之物

ð  We should always take a daily nutritional supplement to stay healthy.


3.  Compliment (v.):  to remark favorably, to greet, 稱讚, 問候

ð      He compliments the pink scarf I wear.

 Compliment (n.):  a remark of praise or admiration, 稱讚

(compliments: regards, 問候)

ð  We should never be stingy about giving compliment on a job well done.

ð  Please extend my compliments to your family.


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