Is it a fluke or is winter here to stay?  We had another snow this morning.  Rather unusual in this time of the year.  Though there was no accumulation from the snowfalls, it does make me wonder if winter is here to stay.  I know.  I have lived in Minneapolis for over 17 years, so I do know that we have a very long winter, and it starts in October and ends in April.  Still, I am reluctant to accept that fall is already over, since it was just here only a month ago.  I like spring and fall; however, these are the shortest two seasons in Minnesota, with each lasting only a month.  Luckily, we do have a 3-month summer. 


To watch my kids building a snowman, please read this article: "Two jack pots in a row". 


In Minnesota, if you want to purchase snow jacket, snow boots or snow pants, you need to hurry before the winter season starts; otherwise, you will be out of luck and end up living through the winter without proper gears.  At one time, we waited until November to purchase the snow boots and they were already out of stock.  We have learnt the lesson.  We are going to Mall of America this weekend to buy snow boots for our daughter.  She has already demanded a pink Hello Kitty snow boots.  I don’t know where I can get those.  She is such a strong-willed little girl. 

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