This is another poem that I was asked to translate, also by 李清照.  The poem is 如夢令.  As I said earlier and as always, it is extremely difficult to translate her poems or any of the Chinese poems.  It is never easy to capture the essence of the poem and to portray the beauty of the original poem through translation.  My translation is based on the interpretation from the link below.


Anyway, another one for your amusement.  By the way, the person who asked me to translate these poems is someone who I befriended in Philly.  We are about the same age and have similar interests.  If you have read my article about Philly, you will get a picture of her.  She is an ABC and only speaks Taiwanese.  Is she trying to learn Chinese now?  I have no idea.    



李清照 <如夢令>


Translation by Elisa English on 7/25/10   

All rights reserved

 Tune: Like a Dream               



Fine rain and gusty wind prevailed last night,

That tipsy feeling still lingered after the restful night



I asked my maid as she rolled up the window shade

The damage that the storm laid

Unexpectedly was her claim

That the begonia was still the same



Wouldn’t you know!

Wouldn’t you know!

The leaves should grow

The flowers should fade so


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