It's the first day of a new year.  I should probably write something more positive.  However, the past year has rendered me helpless, leaving me feeling c'est la vie.  Nolens volens, I felt that we were left willy-nilly to accept the selfish and self-centered actions of others.  So, our school will reopen in January with grades K-8 returning to in-person learning full time and grade 9-12 alternating between online and in-person, all under reduced social distancing rules to less than 6 feet and with elimination of any limitation to room capacity.  Our school still gives the students an option to choose to continue online learning.  As COVID-19 is still out of control with new strain more infectious and limited vaccines available, I can’t believe the approach the school is taking.  But then, many parents probably have reach to a point where they can no longer tolerate their children having online classes at home, without any supervision.  In addition, some children just can't adapt to online learning. Anyway, the US has never really taken COVID-19 seriously enough even until now.  C'est la vie. Life goes on.

Here, I used a few new words. I will explain them in detail below.

c'est la vie (French) 人生就是如此;這就是人生: such is life; that’s life. 

  • C'est la vie is usually for situations where you are expressing some disappointment or resignation to things you can't change, something that you have to put up with.  It gives you the feeling of life sucks, but you can’t do anything about it. 

Willy-nilly 無可奈何in a way that does not allow any choices or planning

  • as in helplessly; as in involuntarily


Nolens volens (Latin) 願意與否;喜歡與否: willing or unwilling; (whether you) like it or not

  • Nolens volens, people are often judged by their appearance.
  • What if the school makes the students, nolens volens, return to school without proper protection against COVID-19. 


Written by Elisa English

On January 1, 2021 in Minneapolis


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