Finally, the baby coral cat shark has hatched.  I was starting to get worried that there might be complication and that it might die since there used to be two eggs and one died a few days after arriving at the school.  The kids would be heartbreaking if that was the case.  I am glad that my worry is unnecessary.    


Without the program in our son’s classroom, I would never know what a coral cat shark or a horseshoe crab is.  It is a learning experience not only for my son but also for me.  I am learning alongside my son as well.  Though, I did not physically see how the baby coral cat shark chewed its way out of its eggshell, the excitement of waiting a new life to come to this world is inexpressible.  The anticipation of a new life is pure ecstasy.  This is such a great experience for the kids.  We were notified on Saturday morning that the baby shark had hatched.  My son was so anxious to go to school this morning and was really thrilled to see the newborn baby coral shark.


Watching the baby shark reminds me of the mother turtle laying the eggs a couple of years ago right outside our daycare center.  It was too bad that I didn’t carry my camera with me at that time to capture the precious moment. 


In about less than a few weeks, the baby ducklings will be hatched.  I hope that we will be here to watch the baby ducklings hatch before we take our vacation to Florida. 


Life is so full of wonders. 


This is the link to the pictures of the baby coral cat shark and the horseshoe crab.


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