Embarrassing Moments


There is never a dull moment with my daughter; or more precisely, a lack of embarrassing moments with her.  We or maybe it is just I who don’t know what to do with her.  Her twinkling big eyes, her seemingly pitiful yet innocent look, her cute and adorable face and her giggly laughter and nightingale voice are all so irresistible.  Though I can see through her sycophancy, I am not immune to her cuteness.  She is such a doll, at least in the eyes of her mom.  I like to hug her, hold her, kiss her, cuddle her, pick her up in my arms and carry her.  She is so small and light-weight.  My son is too embarrassed to allow me to do to him half of what I do to my daughter.  Besides, he is too heavy for me to carry.  I like to ask my daughter if she is a cutie.  She would always jump into my arms and say yes.  How could one resist any request from such a cutie?  My son’s afterschool program staff knows it firsthand.


Anyway, about the embarrassing moments.  Like me, my daughter cannot stand staying at home.  She wants to go to her friends’ houses and have play dates, so she asked every friend of hers if she could go to their houses.  Then, she told me that they had no objection.   I told her that she had to get the parents’ permission first.  Then, she did the unthinkable.  At least it is the unthinkable to me.  She went to bug every parent.  One dad asked me the other day if my daughter could go over to their house to play with his son.  He told me that my daughter had been asking him every morning if she could come over to their house for a play date.  I was so embarrassed.  I wonder if the dad gave in to her nagging or her charms. 


Anyway, she got her first play date and it did not stop there.  She kept asking me when she could go to her friends’ houses for another play date.  I told her that if we invited another friend of hers over for a play date, maybe her friend’s parents would invite her over to their house.  We ended up inviting one of her best friends and her sister as well.  The girl’s sister is also a friend of my son.  Here came another embarrassing moment.  One day, we met the girls at the school’s playground.  As time came to bid farewell, my daughter asked her friend in front of her parents, “Did you forget something?  Did you forget me to invite me over to your house for a play date?”  Isn’t she artful, crafty or scheming?  By the way, I have to solemnly declare that I am not like that at all.    


I don’t know if this could count as an embarrassing moment.  The other day while we were picking up our daughter from the daycare, a boy, who has been friends with my daughter since she was 5 month old, told her, “I am going to marry you”.  His parents were picking him up too at the same time.  My daughter responded, “Yes, I know”.  These were the conversations of two four-year-olds.  Should I start to get worried?  She is too smart or probably too cunning for me to handle. 


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