This is what I learned about the usage of “Pardon”.  I learnt both British and American English though I might have forgotten a lot of the British English I learnt.

I used the word “pardon” a lot when I was young.  Maybe I did have a hearing problem back then.  I usually said “pardon” whenever I had trouble hearing clearly or understanding what the other person was saying.  

In British English, “pardon” is used when you want the other person to repeat or clarify what they said.  
For example:  
A: “Is this the Smith Residence?”
B: “Pardon?”  (or, “I beg your pardon”)
A: “I said is this the Smith Residence”
B: “No, you’ve dialed the wrong number.”

In American English, you would say “Pardon me?” or “Excuse me?”
B: “Pardon me, but I can barely hear your voice. Could you repeat that?”
B: “Excuse me.  Can you please repeat what you just said?”
B: “I am sorry I didn’t quite catch it.  Can you repeat that?”


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