My son’s class has a Shark program (this year only) where Underwater Adventures Aquarium supplies them with everything they need to hatch a baby shark egg.  They were pretty lucky to get into that program because it is offered to only a selected few schools throughout the United States.  They were ecstatic to get two shark eggs but one died about two months ago.  In addition to the shark, there is also a starfish and a horseshoe crab.  The starfish is nicknamed Patrick.  The kids didn’t name the crab.  Oops, when I first heard the name, I thought that it was a crab.  In reality, it is a hard-shelled invertebrate living in warm, shallow coastal waters on the sea floor.  Its shell seems to be too big and heavy for its body and it keeps turning topsy turvy and constantly struggling to flip itself back up.  Watching it swim is extremely interesting as, for the majority of the time, it swims upside down.  I wouldn’t have known anything about the horseshoe crabs if not for the school program. 


Our teacher has alerted us that the baby shark will be hatching any minute.  You might have remembered an article I wrote earlier about “Perfect Sense”.  (Link to the article:  My son was picked to participate in the Independent Investigation program in High Potential Enrichment Room, a program designed for high potential students.  He picked Shark as his research subject, so the Shark program in his classroom turns out to be a perfect complement to his research.  He has recently completed his research and presented his finding to his class.  It is too bad that we weren’t invited to listen to his speech.    


By the way, Underwater Adventure Aquarium will come out twice during the school year and provide two outreach programs to the students. Isn’t this amazing!  My son is really blessed to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about sea animals.  He truly loves Sharks.


Before I take some pictures of the shark and the horseshoe crab, you can look up the following link to find out what a horseshoe crab looks like. polyphemus/images.html


Stay tune for the picture update and please remind me in case I forget.    

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