Causatives - 使役動詞


使役動詞大多要接不定詞. Let, make, have  例外.

Let, make, have 當使役動詞 => 使役 (叫人家去做事情), 主動, 用原形


For example:


He made me do it.

He let me ride the bicycle.

John has Mary watch the car for him.


John has the car washed. => (被動)



allow, require, motivate, get, make, convince, hire, assist, encourage, permit, employ, force, need, ask, want.


For example: 


I allow him to drive me to work.

I require the work to be done before midnight.

I require John to complete the work before he leaves the company.

I motivate Mary to get a bike.

I get Mary to come to our party tomorrow.

I convince my husband to buy a new car.

I hire Tracy to run the restaurant.

I assist my son to write his homework.

I encourage John to get a higher degree.

I permit you to date my daughter.

I employ Lee to work at our factory.

I force Mary to show up at the party tomorrow.

He asked me to do it. 

He asked me not to cry.

He wants me to accompany him to school.

I need you to find a babysitter.


例外: 可省可不省

I help him do the homework.

I help him to do the homework.



句子 make 不當使役動詞


They made their preparations to frustrate the conspiracy.


He made the dinner to please his wife.



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