I mentioned to my husband the other day that I have volunteered to be a Mandarin Chinese speaker for the Bravo (musical) and Art Masterpiece program in Chinese Immersion Class at my son’s school if my schedule allows.  His reaction was that I would add more harm than help because of my poor Chinese.  He likes to joke about my poor Chinese language ability.  That was not very encouraging.  I know that my Chinese is not very good but I think that I should be able to handle a bunch of elementary school students between the ages of 5 to 7 with English as mother tongue.  His next response was that I did not have any musical or art background to introduce the musical piece or the art masterpiece.  I argued that the school will provide the material.  (I hope so.)  Then he came back with the comment that I would make a fool of myself if I cannot answer the questions from the students.  That may be true.


What a non-supporting spouse!   He is my talking cricket.  If you have read Pinocchio, you would know what I meant!


Anyway, I am excited that my son is going to Kindergarten this coming fall.  I asked him if he is excited.  He gave me an indifferent look.  Oh well, like a Chinese proverb: “The emperor is not anxious, worried the eunuch to death”.  Anyway, we will just have to wait and see how things go.


** By the way, I translated 皇帝不, 急死太監 as "The emperor is not anxious, worried the eunuch to death". =>  The emperor is not anxious but the enunch is worried to death.


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