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A phoenix, wings clipped, like a pheasant, trapped,

To Jiangxi, haply followed a lone crane.

The beauty, blooming solo, sighs in vain.

Hard she tries for chastity to be kept.

In fairyland, alone dwells the nymph.

Fishers! Delude not to advance o’er stream!

Golden bells hung on trees! Trespassers halt!  

Hush! Hush! Chirp not to disturb all her peace



豫章 (Yuzhang) – a county located in Jiangxi

This poem is about a lady married to someone in Jiangxi. While her husband is out on business trips, others were trying to seduce her. She wrote a poem to refuse their advances.   The first half of the poem talks about her living alone, trying to keep her chastity and the second half about her explicit rejection of unwanted advances.


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