A Month into Summer Break


It is almost a month into our summer break with two months of summer break left.  As always, I will spend less time on writing or logging into my blog and spend more time with my kids.  This year, we are doing something a little bit different for our kids.  Instead of enrolling them in the summer care for the entire summer, my husband and I have been taking a week off from work to drive our kids to the summer camp location, so they can take advantage of the summer camps.  Our kids have attended the one-week-long Lego Robotics program and have just finished the one-week-long Camp Invention.  The Lego Robotics program was only about 3 hours a day, so we spent the afternoon playing sand in the beach, riding bikes in the park and venturing to the library.  My kids really enjoyed attending Camp Invention and had asked to attend it next year again.  As full-time working parents, we do not have the luxury to take too much time off in the summer to drive our kids to the camps as it will cut into our ability to take family vacation.  Our kids are now back to the regular summer care.  We will be taking a family vacation in August.  In late August, our kids will attend a Science camp.  I hope that they will enjoy the Science Camp as they did with Camp Invention.  Next year, I am planning to look up information around Music camp.  It might help boost my daughter's interest in playing violin. 

Just to give you a notice, if you don't hear from me or get any response from me, that means I am busy having fun with my family.  Have fun and enjoy your life as well in this summertime.       


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