A Scary and Bumpy Ride


It was a scary and bumpy ride this morning. The commute to work was pretty bad. We were basically sliding on a thick layer of ice, kind of like the shaved ice refrozen, bumping all the way to work.


It was pretty scary to watch some of the scenes along the highway. A daring driver, or shall we call him stupid, was driving in the middle of two lanes, talking on the cellular phone, while attempting to switch lanes. It is dangerous to multi-task even with good traffic, let alone in an ice storm. We also see drivers of the three cars involved in the traffic accident getting off their cars to discuss the accident, with their cars parked right in the middle lane of the high way. What were they thinking? Even with good traffic, you don’t leave your car in the middle of the highway when you hit another car. You will at least pull your car over to the shoulder of the highway. Hey, guys, we are talking about icy roads and highways. Use your common sense. In this case, I don’t think that the more, the merrier would apply.


Anyway, I told my husband that we should have worked from home today rather than trying to get into the office. Many of my colleague work from home today. My husband has to head back home early today to get my son to the clinic to get his stitches off, so I will take the bus instead.


Living in this state, we have to get used to snow storm, considering how many that we have to live through. However, our kids' school has a two-hour delayed start this morning. You can imagine how severe the traffic/weather condition is.


Written by Elisa English

On February 29th, 2012


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