A heroic act?  Don’t be a blind follower!

Oh my god!  I can’t believe that someone can even think of this as a heroic act.  I can’t believe that Joe Stack’s daughter would call him a hero.  I can’t believe that there are people in support of Joe Stack’s act. 

So, who is Joe Stack?  Joe Stack is a software engineer, with an airplane and a house worth almost $300,000 dollars, who owned a software development firm and once falsely claimed his house as a church in California and attracted auditors by lying about his income.  On February 18, 2010, he flew a small plane into an Austin building housing an IRS office with nearly 200 IRS workers in an attempt to blame the government for his failure in life.     

In his website note, he stated that “violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer”.  So, it is now justifiable to kill innocent people because he is not successful in evading taxes.  So, he is now a "hero" because the victim works for the IRS.  So people are supporting him because of his anti-governmentalism.  So, murder is acceptable because he was courageous enough to come out and spoke up on behalf of the so called justice and on behalf of the so called many others to accomplish something.  So we are misled to believe that he is a hero because he is unlike many who lie around and wait for things to happen.  He did what many others were afraid to do or lack of courage to do.  "He stood up to the system," so said his daughter.  Oh, my goodness.  I am speechless.  What has this world become?   When the crowd mistakes murderer as hero…..  When the crowd blindly follows without figuring out the truth….  When insanity becomes the norm... 


So the end can now justify the means?  I cannot believe all this nonsense.  He is to me a murderer not a hero.  A real hero is someone who puts his life at risk to save the lives of others.  A real hero is someone who dedicates his life for the well being of others.  He took the easy way out to avoid tax by killing innocent people.  He is no different from a terrorist.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to be sarcastic.  I can’t stand when things get obscured.  Don’t be a blind follower.      


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