About citizenship

In America, a natural born citizen is someone who is considered United States citizen from birth.  Unlike naturalized citizens, natural born citizens do not need to apply for any of the rights of citizenship. 


Can you tell me what prompt you to WILLINGLY seek for citizenship of another country if you are not a natural born citizen of that country?  Is it out of the love for that country?  Is it to seek asylum?  Is it to live a better life?  How can one not love that country and WILLINGLY become a citizen of that country?  It is mind-boggling to me.    


I cannot imagine that someone who, without the love of that country, would WILLINGLY become that country’s citizen.  I cannot imagine that someone will do harm to the country which he/she so eagerly sought to become a citizen of.  I cannot imagine that someone will become a citizen of another country solely on monetary motive.       


Why would someone wish to become a citizen of the United States only to reap the benefits out of America and to destroy America?  Why would someone be such a hypocrite as to denounce capitalism and anything Americanized but at the same time hunt for money at their every waking moment and exploit America?  Why would someone live comfortably in America and claim to be an American but spread anti- Americanism instead?  Why would people praise how good their country of origin is, but at the same time, with all their might, cling onto America, the country they so despise and viciously attack against, either physically or verbally?  If their country of origin is that good, why wouldn't they return back to that country, a country they so adore or fantasize?  Why would they try all methods possible, even illegally and refuse to leave, just to stay in America, a country they do not recognize at all?  If they don't like America or hate America so much, why wouldn't they give up their American citizenship and go and live somewhere else?  What are their ulterior motives and devious plots against Americans?


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