Give me a break!  What a bullshit!  I know there is a reason that I don’t read UDN, a Chinese Communist backed newspaper, ever since I moved abroad.  You have the nerve to criticize Americans and spread anti-Americanism while the Americans are risking their lives saving the Haitians.  And KMT, or should I call you Chinese Communist now, you have really outdone yourself in sinking this low, succumbing to the Chinese Communist,  and posting that article on your party’s official website.  I am really speechless.


I can’t believe that this would come from a Taiwanese.  The Taiwanese I know are polite and friendly.  The Taiwanese I know will pour over their hearts and souls to rescue the Haitians along side with the Americans.  The Taiwanese I know will not succumb to becoming the puppets of the Chinese Communist and spread anti-Americanism.  Americans are the people I know who are truly compassionate towards humanity.  They come to your rescue without any hidden agenda.  I attribute that to Christianity even though I am not a Christian and even though I believe more in Buddhism.  I know a lot of Americans who adopted children from the underdeveloped countries, not that they cannot have a child of their own, but that they want to rescue the children from a poor living environment and give them a better life.         

How dare you, UDN, say that the US has seemingly come to regard itself as the true “Middle Kingdom”!  How dare you, KMT, stands beside it!  Why wouldn’t you dare to say that the Chinese Communist has forcefully tried to become the “Middle Kingdom”?  What are you afraid of?  True democracy?  The rise of humanity?  What is your true intent behind spreading anti-Americanism?  Is your true intent to isolate Taiwan so that it will be easier to be taken by the Chinese Communist?  It does seem like a plot from the Chinese Communist. 

What the Americans have done is merely trying to ensure security and stability in Haiti in this chaotic situation.  You have to sink this low to bring in politics and anti-Americanism.  Like what J. Michael Cole said in his article “Since when does CNN represent the view of the US?”


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