The boy who was not - 隱形男孩(守秩序)

Author 法里德.卡拉特巴里(Farideh Khalatbaree)

Illustrator - 阿里‧南慕法(Ali Namvar)


This was a book about a naughty boy made invisible for disturbing the peace.  I read this book to my son yesterday and I was stunned by the message this book is sending to young kids.  I think that the overall theme is okay up to the point that the kid learnt a lesson for misbehaving.  However, in the end, the kid realized that he was actually not invisible after all because he could see the other naughty boy marked with red line on his forehead.  Seeing that boy hurt, crying for help, he went over and comforted him to get a doctor.  Nevertheless, he was punished and made invisible again for helping that boy. 


The conclusion sends a wrong message indicating that you should not help those who misbehaved even though they were in trouble.  This is not the right way to teach our kids.  I see no humanity nor sympathy in this book. 


** 版權所有 - Elisa


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